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Mrs. Reville's SPED Class

Hi, my name is Audra Reville. I am 46 years old and have two boys 23 and 22, three step-children 28, 26, and 24; and three granddaughters. I have been in the classroom for 15 years; 7 of those years were as a paraprofessional in Kansas, and Georgia, I am starting my 9th year as a teacher here at BRE. My background is in Special Education in MOID, SID/PID, Resource, and Title 1. I have a passion for teaching children that are Differently Abled. 
Special changes for this year
* Parents will not be allowed in the building on the first day.
* Parents will not be allowed to walk their children into the building until further notice. We (teachers or paras) will meet parents at the doorway on the Kindergarten hallway for drop offs. When you need to sign your child out for the day please stop by the office and we will walk your child down to the office. 
*Bus drivers and bus aides will also not be allowed in the building. We will meet the bus drivers and aides at the side door for drop offs and we will walk the students to the bus for dismissal.
* All field trips are suspended until further notice.
* Community based sports (bowling and gymnastics) are suspended for the first semester of school. Determination will be made for the second semester.
* All IEPs will be done virtually 
Audra Reville
Blue Ridge Elementary
Rm. 102

Best time to contact me.

I am available by phone M-F  8:10 am until 4:10 pm. 
If you need to contact me after school hours please text or call my cell phone.

Helpful iPad apps.

* pocket pond 2
* Can you find me
* color slap

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